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New Baby Shopping Tip Excerpt:

From Chapter 2; Nursery Necessities: Cribs, Dressers & More:

Smart Shopper Tip #2
The Art and Science of Selecting the Right Crib.

"How do you evaluate a crib? They all look the same to me. What really makes one different from the other?"

Selecting a crib is more than just picking out the style and finish. You should look under the hood, so to speak. Here are our eight key points to look for when shopping for a crib:

Mattress Support. Look underneath that mattress and see what is holding it up. You might be surprised. Some lower-end cribs use cheap vinyl straps. Others use metal bars. One crib we saw actually had a cardboard deck holding up the mattress—boy, that looked really comfortable for baby. The best option: a set of springs that provide both mattress support and a springy surface to stand on when Junior gets older. Remember, your infant won't just lay there for long. Soon, Junior will be standing up in the crib, jumping up and down, and causing general mayhem. [...]

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